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Globally tourism is one of the fastest growing industries: one out of eleven jobs is created by the travel and tourism industry (World Travel & Tourism Council, 2016).

In this course you will explore global tourism development since the end of World War II in 1945. You will learn about a wide range of subjects including: tourism development in China since 1978, China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its implications for the global tourism industry, and the sustainability of tourism development. You will also look at current tourism trends like medical tourism and smart tourism.

  • Tourism Development: Past, Present, And Future 05:20
  • The Belt and Road Initiative: Building A New Pattern of International Tourism 05:20
  • Sustainable Tourism Planning and Tourism Impacts 05:20
  • Mastering applicant tracking systems 05:20
  • Sustainable Tourism Planning and Tourism Impacts 05:20
  • More +

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